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Villejuif: anger against the closure of the boarding school for young disabled people

The prospect was feared by staff and families. She finally arrived a little faster than expected, and at the end of a particularly tense period for them. In Villejuif, the Louis-Le-Guillant Medico-Educational Institute (IME) closes its boarding school on weekends for young disabled people. The decision was to apply “at the latest in September” in this establishment managed by APAJH 94 (the Association for disabled adults and young people of Val-de-Marne). To challenge it, the staff decided to occupy the premises this weekend.

“Charcoal” during confinement

“During confinement, we were mandated by the ARS to serve 24 hours a day as an emergency and respite structure for young people without a reception solution,” testifies an employee. We were on coal. The confinement over, the management suddenly decides to close when there are real needs on the weekends. Families were not warned, ”she laments in front of the entrance to the IME where many banners were hung like“ mistreated employees = endangered users ”. It is the biggest IME managed by APAJH 94, and the only one to open its boarding school on weekends.

This same employee describes “the anguish” of certain young people followed by ASE, social assistance for children, who “learn on Friday at 2 pm when they will spend the weekend, in a place where they are not. never been with people they don’t know ”.

Villejuif, Institut Médico Éducatif (IME), February 1, 2020. A meeting for parents was organized with Serge Duconget (in the center, seated), the general director of the Association for disabled adults and young people of Val-de-Marne (APAJH 94). LP / Corinne Nèves

“This is equivalent to closing an activity, a care offer,” denounces Barbara Filhol of USD 94, evoking “a lack of social dialogue and contempt for families”. The general secretary of the USD 94 also evokes a “questioning of the rights of employees since the management calls into question all the agreements (Editor’s note: company agreements, on the organization of work) ”. These questions are to be addressed during a CSE scheduled for Tuesday.

A “largely deficit” opening

Eric Baumié, president of APAJH 94, denounces a “trial of intent” on this subject. “We are entering into negotiations to denounce them. It is not because we denounce them that the agreement will be less good and we will treat everyone on an equal footing, ”he explains. Regarding the boarding school, he explains that there was “never an authorization to operate on weekends because it was never decided and accepted by the ARS even if indeed there was a weekend support ”. He evokes a “largely deficit opening” whose end was decided “there are already 12 to 18 months”.

The president of APAJH 94 specifies having proposed to the employees “to write a project for the maintenance of the opening on weekends”, which he proposed to “defend with the ARS”. “I never received anything,” says Eric Baumié. “Containment has arrived and we ran out of time,” said this employee. However, preparing such a project requires a lot, especially for the support component ”.

Regarding the negotiations which are about to start, Eric Baumié specifies that they will not be carried out by him, “nor by the general manager” because of “very complicated social dialogue”. Complicated according to him to the point that an “external person will take care of it, ideally a recognized person, and recognized in the Val-de-Marne”. On February 26, a strike in front of the headquarters of the association brought together between 50 and 100 employees.

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