Viktor Orban conceded defeat before the European court of justice

The European court of justice has ruled in the dispute over foreign-government organisations (NGOs) funded in Hungary, the law was in breach of EU law.

The so-called NGO-law was in 2017 by the government majority of the national Prime Minister Viktor Orbán adopted. It provides that organisations need to register as soon as you get out of the foreign donations in front of more than 24,000 euros in the year.

The EU Commission, which is located in the community of States for compliance with EU law, was introduced because of the law proceedings against Hungary. As Budapest not relented, complained to the authority before the ECJ.

The law was a violation against the principle of free movement of capital, argued the authority. Likewise, it violates the right to respect for private life and to the protection of personal data. A CJ-reviewers supported the concerns of the EU Commission at the beginning of the year. He stated that the requirements of the law are compatible with Union law. The judges of the court of justice in Luxembourg are not bound to the opinions of the advocates General, follow them, but in many cases.

The NGO law is not the only dispute between the EU and Hungary

The conflict over the NGO law is not the only dispute between Brussels and Budapest. The EU Commission complained several times in recent years against Hungary before the highest EU court. Often it went to the Hungarian asylum and migration policy. Finally, the ECJ held in mid-may, the Hungarian A transit camp for asylum seekers contrary to EU law.

A lawsuit because of the so-called Stop-Soros-law is currently still pending. Thus, the Hungarian government provides, among other things in the room that assistance could be punished in the case of asylum applications. Orbán under Soros, to bring a large number of Muslim immigrants to Europe.

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