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VIDEO – Véronika Loubry, her sublime declaration to her companion suffering from cancer: “It’s a two-person fight”

Love and emotion invaded the set of What an era!. Véronika Loubry was a guest on the show this Sunday, April 7 on France 2. Interviewed by Léa Salamé, she gave a poignant testimony on the cancer from which her companion, Gérard Kadoche, suffers, and made a sublime declaration to him. “It’s been a year since we discovered his cancer, stage 4, during a routine blood test. It’s a two-person fight. I love him and I want him to live for years by my side, I can’t imagine life without him.” she confided on the set. A magnificent declaration of love to the one she met in 2016.

The announcement of Gérard Kadoche’s pancreatic cancer was a real shock for the former host, but she remembers saying to herself: “I’m going to be a helper, a companion. I’m going to be a warrior at his side, an amazon to protect him.” She knew right away that she had to be brave. “The person who receives the word ‘cancer’, they are not ready. And the person next to them must smile, pretend. They must cry silently and scream alone. I want my man to look at me and say : “She’s there'”she explained.

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Véronika Loubry madly in love with Gérard Kadoche

This declaration of love is not the first from Véronika Loubry. In 2021, she made a fiery statement to Gérard Kadoche on his Instagram account: “You are my soul mate, my accomplice, my best advice, my pillar, my referent, the shoulder against which I can rest my head and cry, but also the attentive ear who listens to me and advises me day and night ( and I’m very talkative), but you’re also the best stepfather.” A year later, in 2022, she reiterated: “May 3, 2016, you were going to add the last piece of the puzzle of my life. […] Thank you for crossing my path, my lover, and for agreeing to put this puzzle on the table.” Very in love, Véronika Loubry will continue to support her husband in good times and bad.

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