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VIDEO: Unusual residents have appeared at the Riga Zoo

The Riga Zoo said that three new animals were gathering for the existing residents.

Riga Zoo shared a happy message on its social media accounts. Three blue sheep have joined the zoo’s herd.

New inhabitants of Goat Hill – blue sheep walk on their mountain trails in the rocks, “reports the zoo ‘s Facebook page.

Three blue sheep have left Riga from the Tallinn Zoo. According to the Riga Zoo, suitable, unrelated rams are currently being sought in other zoos.

The homeland of blue sheep can be found on the slopes of the Himalayas. These sheep cannot be associated with livestock, they have distinct characteristics of both goats and sheep. Scientists divide this species into a completely separate genus. Its Latin name includes the word Pseudo, which means false (Pseudois nayaur). As the zoo mentions, it would be more appropriate to call these blue sheep bharals or nahurai (nayaur). This is the name given to the mountain people.

Although the Latvian name mentions that they are blue sheep, the blue color does not match their appearance.

“Naturally, the word” blue “in the Latvian (and not only) name of these animals is not quite true, because the color of the” pseudo-coat “coat can be only slightly silver-gray, and such a tone allows you to hide, adhering to slate rock studs of similar color.”

The World Red Book lists blue sheep as a less endangered species, found only in the Himalayan highlands. Blue sheep can be found up to 5,000 meters above sea level. They are most commonly seen in the Himalayan highlands of Nepal, China, northern India and Pakistan.

The fact that hunting in the high mountains is very difficult saves blue sheep from hunting.

“This species is saved from hunting by the fact that ordinary Chinese are not allowed to keep weapons and hunting in such high mountains is very difficult.”

The only thing blue sheep have to fear is they are snow leopards.

As it is known, the Riga National Zoo is located in Mežaparks. The zoo covers an area of ​​about 20 hectares and has a collection of 430 species of 3000 animals (excluding insects and other invertebrates), of which more than 40 species are included in the World Red Book. In addition, the Riga Zoo has an open-air branch “Cīruļi.” Its main tasks are determined by the World Zoo and Aquarium Strategy for Nature Conservation, it participates in the conservation of nature biodiversity and performs work in environmental education.

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