Video: soccer match stopped by landing hot air balloon | 1Limburg

A football match in Stein was canceled on Tuesday evening after a hot air balloon landed on the field.

“I had no opportunity to put it down somewhere earlier. And the gas gradually ran out. Then I saw the football field, so yes, emergency breaks the law,” says balloonist Hans Pauw from Cadier en Keer, laughing.

Emergency landing
While the ladies of RKSV De Ster played a catch-up match against VV Sittard, a large shadow appeared on the field around 8.50 pm. Cause: a hot air balloon that landed on the edge of the sixteen.

One of the passengers still asks during the landing: ‘Are we going to put it here?’ A few seconds later the colossus is pontifically on the turf, as it turns out when the balloonist greets one of the football players dryly with ‘hi’.

No one was injured during the emergency landing. The hot air balloon also landed without damage.

“The game came to a standstill and the players then helped to clean up the hot air balloon. Everyone was upset. Something is happening here”, grins chairman Raymond Dukers of RKSV De Ster.

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