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VIDEO. Meeting with Mr. NYC Subway, street photographer in New York

Posted on 04/08/2022 12:59

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He transforms anonymous people he meets in the New York subway into models for a photo shoot. Brut America spent the day with Mr. NYC Subway.

My thing is to approach strangers, to make models of them”. Andreas P. Verrios, better known as Mr. NYC Subway on social media, is a photographer. He takes pictures of anonymous people during fashion shoots, with the city’s metro in the background. “We take strangers, who have no experience in fashion. It’s a great experience. I don’t know how this project can influence people’s lives, but at least it will make them happy. I think we really need it right now” explains the photographer.

The project started with a personal experience: Andreas had arrived from California, where he used to travel by car for each trip. Arrived in New York, he had no choice but to travel by subway every morning. “I hated the subway”. To transform this negative experience into something more positive, the artist decided to change perspective. “Then I saw New York people and creativity. You will see someone knitting a blanket, writing poetry, making music. Once I changed my perspective I started taking pictures and it became what it is today” explains Andreas.

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