[Vidéo] In Chartres, the Village des Restaurateurs extends over Place Marceau

New faces are joining the “Village des Restaurateurs” operation in Chartres, on Place Marceau. (© g / Actual Chartres)

The first “tour” of the Village des Restaurateurs, in Chartres (Eure-et-Loir) is a success. Galettes, sandwiches, burgers, ready meals have been delighting Chartrains for several weeks now.

Initially, the operation initiated by Les Vitrines de Chartres and supported by the municipality was to end on 3 avril 2021. It is finally extended, and better still: the Village des Restaurateurs is expanding.

On Place Marceau, a few steps from the “first” village, six new chalets have been set up to accommodate other restaurateurs from Chartres and its agglomeration.

Six new chalets complete the offer of the Village des Restaurateurs in Chartres.
Six new chalets complete the offer of the Village des Restaurateurs in Chartres. (© g / Actually Chartres)

Now indefinite

The first chalet of the place marceau has been busy since Friday, by The Grand Monarch, which offers jars, ready-made meals, or Le Pèlerin, its famous dessert.

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Other colleagues must join this “annex” to the Village des Restaurateurs, in particular The Lighthouse Saint-Louis, a creperie installed just a few meters from the village.

And this time, the association of traders and craftsmen in Chartres is not announcing any end of operation date, simply, “depending on the health situation”.

How does the Village des Restaurateurs de Chartres work?

Want to find the flavors of your favorite restaurants in Chartres? It’s simple, your restaurateurs will meet you on Place des Halles and Place Marceau. You order and pay on the spot, before picking up your order. Be careful, you cannot consume on the spot, the Village des Restaurateurs allows professionals to be visible and to practice take-out. And like everywhere in Eure-et-Loir, wearing a mask is mandatory, as well as other barrier gestures.

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