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VIDEO. Here are our five tips for decorating your Christmas tree

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Four weeks before the end of the year festivities, it’s time to prepare the trees. But between the different colors, the sizes of the trees or the various garlands, the acquisition and preparation of a Christmas tree can sometimes prove to be a real headache. Find our five tips for decorating your Christmas tree.

Choosing the right tree

No beautiful decorations without a good suitable tree. Before looking at the rays of garlands and baubles, it is important to calculate the space reserved to accommodate your Christmas tree. If you are in a small apartment, opt for a shorter tree. If you have a large space, you can indulge yourself.

Choosing a good tree also depends on its color. Choose a very green tree. “The trend, in recent years, has turned towards natural trees”, explains Karine, sales consultant for the decoration department at Midica, in Toulouse. Several brands offer to bring them back after the festivities for recycling.

Favor light garlands

The little flashing lights will draw attention to your tree. Unlike traditional decorations, light garlands will liven up your Christmas tree. Each theme has its own garland. If you choose a warm tree, it is better to use a yellow garland. For a slightly colder and wintery atmosphere, white LEDs will do the trick.

Tip: to properly install your garland and facilitate connection, you must start from the top of the tree to the foot.

Avoid green decorations

The tree is already approaching green, no need to add more. To magnify your Christmas tree, instead use colors that stand out like white, red or gold. If you absolutely want to decorate your tree with green, look for shades like pistachio or emerald instead.

Add your personal touch

Christmas is characterized by magic and celebration. Treat yourself to a little personal touch in your tree. In addition to traditional decorations, it is also important to add small details that are out of the ordinary. Flowers, characters or even jewelry, put a little fantasy in your Christmas tree. You can also personalize Christmas balls.

Install the ultimate piece at the top

Some use stars, others angels or even crests. This last little touch must also be in harmony with the previous decorations. This is not a detail, since this final room overlooks your tree. Like an emblem, it should be placed last in order to symbolize the end of the preparation and the beginning of the feasts.

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