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Victor Wembanyama’s Season Ends with San Antonio Spurs – French Star Ready for Vacation

Victor Wembanyama’s season is over with the San Antonio Spurs. After a full year for his first time in the NBA, the Frenchman is already thinking about his vacation. Repenting already.

For his first season in the NBA, Victor Wembanyama did not disappoint. The pivot who was drafted by the San Antonio Spurs did even more than he expected for his franchise. The French employer multiplies quality performances and quickly acquires a special status. Recognized by many people on the American courts, “Wemby” for example was the first rookie in the history of the North American basketball tournament to reach 1,500 points, 250 assists and 250 blocks. An achievement that only three other players have achieved in the NBA, but over their entire career (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Hakeem Olajuwon and David Robinson). But it is now time to rest for the Spurs star.

This Sunday, after his team’s final success against Detroit (123-95) in which he did not participate, Victor Wembanyama reflected on his crazy season, but he was also looking forward to the coming weeks. Looking forward to returning to France very much. ” I will stay a few days in San Antonio for the end-of-year medical exams (…), then I will return to France. I don’t know what day yet, but it will happen very soon. » In his comments reported by The teamthe basketball player said with some regret: “ Unfortunately, I will be there less than three weeks. »

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But obviously, “Wemby” is in a hurry to return to France: ” I have been looking forward to going back for a while. » And inevitably the problem promises to be full, with many loved ones to be seen again after months of absence. » I’m going to see my grandparents who I haven’t seen since I left. I am also going to find my brother (…). My sister too. » And family is not the only thing that was missing from the international tricolor: “ I miss food too. Maybe I’ll go eat Greek. It wouldn’t be bad. »

Fourteenth and second in the Western Conference this season with San Antonio, Victor Wembanyama is obviously hoping his team can raise their overall rating by a couple of pounds next season so maybe to get a place for the Play-in Competition, or even directly. in the playoffs.

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