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Veterinary University VC Visits Parents of Late Student JS Siddharthan | Kerala News | Manorama News

Veterinary University meets VC Siddharthan’s parents – JS Siddharthan Death Row | Kerala News | Manorama News Veterinary University VC at Siddharth’s house; Met with parents

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Published: March 29 , 2024 11:22 AM IST

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Veterinary University VC Dr KS Anil (right) when he arrived at Siddharth’s house (Photo ∙ Manorama News)

Thiruvananthapuram ∙ Dr. K.S. Anil, the new vice chancellor of Pookod Veterinary University, visited the house of deceased student J. S. Siddharth and met his parents. KS Anil was appointed VC by the Governor last week. Dr. Sashindranath, who was appointed earlier, was removed from the post of VC after failing to intervene in connection with Siddharth’s death.

The VC assured the university’s cooperation in the investigation into Siddharth’s death. The Governor has appointed a Commission of Inquiry. University authorities will also cooperate with them. The commission of inquiry will look into whether the VC and Dean, who were present at the time of Siddharth’s death, have failed.

Former High Court judge Justice A. Hariprasad heads the commission appointed by the Governor. Wayanad former DySP VG Kunjan will assist the commission in the investigation. The inquiry report should be submitted to the Governor who is also the Chancellor within 3 months. There will be a detailed inquiry into the actions taken by the university following the student’s death and the violence and ragging on the campus.

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Veterinary University VC KS Anil visits Parents of late student JS Siddharthan

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