Verstappen is single again: “I’m alone again, Kai”

Max Verstappen is single again, he announced prior to the Grand Prix of Eifel. A German presenter asked the Dutchman how his girlfriend is doing, but that resulted in a painful moment.

Kai Ebel, the presenter of the German RTL, had a board with questions for Verstappen. It was up to the driver to remove the stickers from the board one by one, so that he could read the questions. The first question did not start too well, because it was asked how the girlfriend of the 23-year-old driver was doing. Dilara Sanlik is now the ex-girlfriend of the Red Bull driver, after the two have been together for quite a while. A painful moment for the Dutchman, who now had to reveal that he is no longer together with his ex.

“That starts well,” said the Limburger when he read the question. “Max Verstappen girlfriend. That’s the first thing you ask? I don’t have any more,” said the 23-year-old. “I’m alone again, Kai.”


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