Vasilisa Volodina exposed the zodiac signs with the lowest self-esteem

A famous astrologer has listed signs that underestimate themselves.

Low self-esteem is perhaps one of the most common problems psychologists have to work with. According to experts, there can be several sources of self-doubt: someone has come across only one, someone, on the contrary, has collected all of them. The main factor affecting the formation of self-esteem in a person is the presence or absence of unconditional parental love. If mom and dad appreciate their child, regardless of her successes, simply because he is who he is, this contributes to the development of healthy self-esteem. Famous astrologer Vasilisa Volodina told the reasons why some zodiac signs are insecure.


People born under the constellation Cancer are known for their vulnerability. According to Vasilisa Volodina, representatives of the water sign perceive any criticism extremely painfully. As soon as someone speaks unflatteringly about Cancer, he immediately lowers his claws and sadly retreats into his shell to enjoy self-digging and self-humiliation. The only thing that can save natives of the sign from the abyss of sadness and the bottom of self-esteem is the love and support of loved ones.

If Cancer is about to get depressed, show him that it’s important and necessary.

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Vasilisa Volodina claims that Libras themselves are calm and non-conflict people. As soon as the air starts to smell like a thunderstorm, they do everything in their power to make sure the situation doesn’t spiral out of control. Sometimes it is easier for representatives of the air sign to swallow their opinion and yield to the interlocutor than to enter into a skirmish with him. On the one hand, in some cases this is a wise decision, on the other hand, constantly stepping aside, Libra runs the risk of completely forgetting about their self-esteem.

To avoid this, they have to find a middle ground.


Pisces are creative and vulnerable natures, says a well-known astrologer. They live in their own world, where everything is so easy and simple, and reality with its difficulties makes Pisces cringe. They have fragile self-esteem, they are afraid of any criticism and can even abandon their favorite business if someone speaks rudely and unflattering about it.

Natives of the water sign experience every mistake for a long time, repeating unpleasant incidents in their memory over and over again to poison their souls.

They are encouraged to learn to let go of the past and accept themselves with all their flaws.

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