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Vanity Fair French Magazine May 2023 N°111: Monica Bellucci, Kylie Jenner, and More



In this number:


Cinema: Diane Kruger, the purple angle 3 pages

Style : Logomania 1 page

Exhibition: Sarah Bernhardt, birth of a myth 1 page

Food: on board! Le Pirate, cult address on the Côte d’Azur 1 page

Style: Vanessa Bruno’s essentials 1 page

At the table with Inès Mélia 2 pages

Travel: Athens, the beautiful Hellene 2 pages


Divine Monica Bellucci: she shares her sweet memories and her passion for Callas 12 pages


Media: Scoop hunters: in Hollywood, The Ankler, run by two old-fashioned journalists 6 pages

Meeting: Dirty Dancing: Aurélie Dupont looks back on the events that pushed her to leave the dance direction of the Paris Opera 8 pages

Tip of the hat: Daho the hearts 2 pages

Chronicle: A French burn: Historian Marion Fontaine analyzes the question of mobilizations in social conflicts 4 pages

Science: Mission to nowhere. Handpicked candidates should have settled on Mars. Scam or utopia? 6 pages

Architecture: See you on the 57th: in Manhattan, Tiffany reopens its emblematic building 4 pages

Portfolio: Beauty disorders. Daido Moriyama’s images of a rapidly changing Japan have marked the history of photography 8 pages

Encounter: Cult Plans. Catherine Robbe-Grillet talks about the BDSM ceremonies she organizes for another 6 pages

Horlogerie : Breakfast time 10 pages

People K aside: Kylie Jenner deciphers her business model 6 pages

Fashion: Night owls 6 pages

Portrait: The inner journeys of Morgane Sézalory 6 pages


An evening under the influence 2 pages

In the workshop of Françoise Pétrovitch 1 page

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