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Value Surinamese currency under pressure Financial

The Central Bank of Suriname (CBvS) is trying to stabilize the currency. She currently uses an official rate of 7.52 Surinamese dollars against a single US dollar.

On Friday, the new chairman of central bank, Maurice Roemer, acknowledged to entrepreneurs and banks that the Surinamese currency is having a hard time. “The question is whether the course is defensible with what is going on now,” said the Roemer according to Surinamese media. He thought that a devaluation of the currency was possible.

Street price

An exchange rate of 9.5 to 10 Surinamese dollars per US dollar is used on the street. During the meeting, Roemer suggested trying to limit price inflation with banks and entrepreneurs.

The central bank wants to achieve a “equilibrium price” with new interventions, seeking support from the most important Surinamese organizations to defend the purchasing power of the Surinamese dollar, reports De Ware Tijd.

All parties involved also agreed on Friday to refrain from actions that could contribute to speculation that could affect the value of the currency even more.

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