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Valencia does not fail and confirms the failure of Real Madrid in the Endesa League

Not depending on yourself has many dangers. Even more so when you are the current champion and him. theoretical, great favorite to the title. Cross came out of Real Madrid in Valencia and is already eliminated from the final phase of the Endesa League. Laso’s team has not even been able to reach the semifinals after this Friday Valencia It will overwhelm Gran Canaria and automatically eliminate the whites.

The last match of the group stage between Real Madrid and Casademont Zaragoza is useless. The white team will have to play it and trust that there are no serious injuries, the only objective in a my decaffeinated duel and above with the empty stands. It will be the first time in the last nine seasons that Real Madrid have not played in the league final.

The defeats against San Pablo Burgos and MoraBanc Andorra had left Real Madrid on the ropes, without depending on himself. And Valencia, precisely the last white executioner in a final, that of three seasons ago, did not fail against Herbalife Gran Canaria and certified a resounding failure with a brilliant victory that classified him as the first group for the semifinals, where Baskonia awaits him.

With the victory of Valencia, not only Real Madrid is eliminated from this strange final phase of the Endesa League, but San Pablo Burgos, the revelation team at Fonteta, also stamps its passport for the penultimate league round. The rival of the outstanding Peñarroya’s team will be Barça de Pesic, who will do well not to trust his rival’s little name.

The mate of Jordan Loyd (Manuel Bruque / EFE)

Valencia had a harder time than expected to beat Herbalife Gran Canaria, who faced the decisive duel – a victory classified him for the semifinals – with a certainly rare environment. In the previous hours, the more than possible goodbye of his coach, Fotis Katsikaris, had leaked to the media. In addition, the loss of Alberto Abalde, his most decisive man, fed a little more the initial doubts. But an extraordinary third quarter (12-26) sentenced the game … and Real Madrid

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