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Vaccination schedule against pneumococcus is updated – Diario de Centro América

Budget execution was 96.1 percent last year, according to the Third Quarterly Accountability Report of 2022. The document was presented yesterday by the President of the Republic, authorities of the Ministry of Public Finances (Minfin)the Secretary of Planning and Programming of the Presidency (Segeplan) and the Presidential Commission against Corruption.

The exercise constitutes the continuity of reports presented in 2022, which promotes a culture of transparency aimed at making Guatemalans aware of the expenses executed by the
public institutions.

“This accountability responds, mainly, to the guideline of the current administration, to use the budget in a transparent and efficient way, with the aim of meeting the main needs of the country”said the head of state.

According to the Executive, recent years have registered a good percentage of use of public funds at the end of each fiscal year. However, 2022 reached 96.1 percent, the highest during the current administration.

According to the authorities, among the entities with the greatest progress in budget execution are the Ministries of Defense, with 99.9 percent, followed by Foreign Relations, with 99.3, and Energy and Mines, with the same percentage.

4 months of work were announced by the Executive.

During 2022, Q55 440 million in social investment were executed, which means 94.3 percent of the funds dedicated to education, urbanization, community services, health and safety.

The authorities indicated that the public investment information system at the end of last year registered a record number of 9,809 projects at the national level with a current budget, of which 8,317 were carried out; that is, 84.8 percent of the programs have made significant progress or were terminated.

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