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vaccination in full swing

The pace of vaccination against Covid 19 is accelerating. Example with the Anglet vaccination center, installed in the exhibition hall of the Fédération Compagnonnique, avenue de Montbrun

Since Tuesday, March 30, 2021, the Anglet vaccination center against Covid 19 has left the ocean space, to settle in the exhibition hall of the headquarters of the Companion Federation, 94 avenue de Montbrun. The change of address had no impact on his attendance. Especially since the supply, exclusively in Pfizer vaccines, is growing steadily.

“We are now at 252 daily doses”, indicates the doctor and Anglo-city councilor Jean-Paul Ospital who, with his elected colleague, Christiane Bossavie, herself a health executive, has piloted since January 19, 2021, the organization of the Anglet center.

25,000 vaccinations in July

Since Tuesday, January 19, 2021, the start of vaccination in Anglet, the rate has been 1,500 vaccinations per week and is increasing. “This makes us hope that 25,000 Angloys will be vaccinated in July, specifies Jean-Paul Ospital, not to mention the residents of the city’s nursing homes and residences for the elderly, where everyone has been vaccinated. This figure also does not take into account the health personnel vaccinated and the patients vaccinated by their town doctor. “

To operate the Angloy vaccination center, the municipality has made available around twenty municipal employees. Five are in charge of the switchboard of the toll free number 0800 800 928, set up by the city, in addition to booking appointments on Doctolib. The others provide reception, continuous cleaning, supply of materials and vaccines and waste management.

“We are ready, if it is necessary to increase the pace”

Ready to pick up the pace

The tour lasts about an hour between arrival at reception and departure. Each patient fills out a form on arrival then passes a doctor before being referred to the vaccination cells. Two centers of doctors participate in the operation, Sos doctors and the town doctors of Anglet. Christiane Bossavie manages the schedules with the help of a secretary from the municipal services. Vaccinations are performed by nurses. The vaccination center operates in three sessions of 4 hours, each day, from Monday to Saturday. “We are ready if it is necessary to increase the pace,” assures Jean-Paul Ospital.

Pfizer vials arrive on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from the Basque Coast hospital center. Taken out of the special refrigerators with which the Bayonne hospital is equipped, where they are stored at -80 °, the bottles are placed in coolers where they can stay for up to four days. “We have a rotation that allows us to use everything in 48 hours,” emphasizes Jean-Paul Ospital. Probes allow the temperature of the coolers to be constantly monitored. “

The Anglet center also acts as a supplier for the so-called “Go to” mobile teams which provide vaccinations in the various centers which welcome disabled people in the Basque Country.

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