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Vaccination: Denis Coderre ensures that he has not received any preferential treatment | Coronavirus

It was Denis Coderre himself who caused the controversy by thanking Minister Dubé out of courtesy at the start of the afternoon in a message that did not go unnoticed.

I want to greet the minister […] and his team (notably Sarah-Maude) this morning, he tweeted. There was a computer problem to make an appointment for the vaccination of my parents and they resolved the situation in less than two.

Bravo and thank you Christian, he added, grafting the keyword #UnMinisterASonAffaire to his tweet.

The twittosphere ignites

However, these thanks seem to have been interpreted as preferential treatment or cronyism by many Internet users, who did not refrain from letting him know on the same social network.

And if it was Raoul Dumont d’Amos, would the problem have been resolved so quickly? asks one of them; A boyfriend, he’s a boyfriend, retorts another.

The controversy even rebounded at a press conference when a journalist from the daily Montreal Gazette asked Minister Dubé if the former mayor of Montreal, who is still uncertain about his return to municipal politics, had had access to a privilege.

There is no favoritism at all, he assured in English, adding to have received in the morning many calls about the launch of the operation of making an appointment to receive the vaccine against COVID-19.

Mr. Dubé claims to have replied to anyone who texted him or contacted his team that the procedure was the same for everyone.

That said, we are nimble, added the minister, and we answer questions very quickly, so if there are any changes to be made, we will make them, and for anyone who asks for those changes.

It was impossible to register, explains Coderre

As for the main person concerned, he declared at the end of the day – still on Twitter – that he had not received no preferential treatment.

I simply raised a flag following the computer problem and thanked those who fixed it., explained Denis Coderre. Because he was impossible to enter the appointment times therefore impossible to register, he said.

The former mayor of Montreal did not delete his first tweet, which was still online at the time of this writing, Thursday evening.

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