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Moderators Libor Bouček (41) and Jakub Prachař (38) are not only alert, but their balancing on the verge of correctness is absolutely unrivaled. There is no show where they would not be able to capitalize on their island with all the greatness, and even the popular knowledge competition We Love the Czechia is no exception. Both well-known companies of Czech show business done opponent after another, which, like athletes, leads spectators to doubt fair play. The captain of the competition team finally dropped the divine. What stimulates your mind?

Noid’s mysterious doping

Another part of the tenth series of the popular TV competition We love Czechia will again guarantee unique entertainment. This time your knowledge under the leadership of Jakub Prachaře prove models Aneta Vignerová, Veronika Kašáková a Renata Langmannováhe will oppose them in the team of Vojta Kotka stand-up comedian Tomáš Měcháček, Tomáš Jeřábek and Petr Vydra. Only one island can compete with their island type… Jakub Prachař! He did not underestimate the preparation for the shooting and decided to help with a stimulant.

“I’m a little uncomfortable. I learned that viewers write on TV and ask if I’m doping. I would like to say that I have not doped to this day. Vašek Bárta saw that I was slightly tired, so he gave me a little something, he said: Swing it there, it will just itch a little, “ Jakub Prachař admitted at the beginning of today’s work and also revealed the effects of a mysterious trifle.

“He started by itching gently, then we feel hot and then we start sweating.” described the effects and added that he was already feeling them. “Parts of my body that I don’t even have began to itch.” said Prachar. And he wasn’t the only one. “Same with me,” he admitted moderator Libor Bouček, that he’s in it too. “It simply came to our notice then. It’s an accessory that Mr. Bárta uses, and that’s why it looks the way it does, “ added the moderator of the program We like the Czechia.

Kotek also ate it

Vojta Kotek was the only one out of the doping bike. “Where was I when you took it?” he was surprised. But in order not to be disadvantaged in the competition, a mysterious bottle of Vaška Noida Bártywho, as informed eXtra.cz, became a father for the third time a month ago, also got. Just before the dreaded game Box, during which it is necessary to answer knowledge questions in a short time.

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“I have to drink it all, right? It kind of looks like a bubble blower, ” Vojta Kotek wondered, after which he turned over the contents of the bottle with stimulating effects, which the manufacturer states contain caffeine and guarana seed extract, a tropical herbal ingredient used by the Amazon rainforest for centuries for its fantastic properties. “She writes!” described immediately after ingestion by Vojta Kotek.

Not only fantastic qualities, but also breathtaking knowledge will be demonstrated by the performers We Love the Czechia on Friday, May 20th. The show starts at 8:15 p.m. TV Before.

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