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Utah Mom Fights for Daughter’s Access to Life-Saving Medication, CDC Warns of Extreme Heat Dangers, and More: Health News Weekend Roundup

Health Weekend Roundup: Top News Stories to Stay Informed

Stay up to date on the latest health topics with Fox News Digital’s array of informative pieces. From healthcare access to innovative surgeries, cancer research to mental health trends, we cover it all. Discover personal stories of resilience and triumph by individuals and families overcoming obstacles. Here are some of our top recent stories to kickstart your weekend and prepare for the week ahead.

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Article 1: Utah Mom’s Fight for Daughter’s Access to Vital Medication

Alison Smart, a devoted Utah mother, is fighting to secure her 15-year-old daughter, Ruby Smart, consistent access to a ‘life-saving’ medication. Ruby, who battles type 1 diabetes, greatly benefits from Levemir, but the medication is being discontinued. Join Alison on her mission to ensure her daughter’s well-being.

Article 2: CDC Warns of Risks from Extreme Heat

With escalating heat levels posing a severe public health threat, the latest Mortality & Morbidity Report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals the spike in emergency room visits due to heat-related illnesses. Browse the expert insights and recommendations to best protect yourself in times of extreme heat.

Article 3: The Surprising Reason Behind Sleep Struggles

Struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep? Surprisingly, one aspect that often goes unnoticed is the impact of a particular lifestyle factor. Delve into the reveals of two sleep specialists, shedding light on crucial elements that contribute to a restful and rejuvenating sleep.

Article 4: Tayla Clement and the Uninterrupted Smile

Tayla Clement, a remarkable 26-year-old from New Zealand, challenges societal norms by embracing and celebrating a condition that prohibits her from smiling. She invites you to join her on the journey of overcoming trauma and social barriers, finding strength in uniqueness.

Article 5: ‘Forever Chemicals’ Detected in Drinking Water Across the U.S.

High levels of PFAS (perfluoroalkyl substances) have been identified in the drinking water of specific regions in the United States. Discover the study’s findings, coupled with insights from public health experts, to deepen your understanding of the potential health risks associated with these toxic chemicals.

Article 6: Midday Slump Prevention Techniques

Are you familiar with the post-lunch coma, where a decrease in productivity disrupts your day? Learn from a renowned nutritional biologist six proven methods to combat and overcome the midday slump, revitalizing your energy and enhancing productivity.

Article 7: The Surprising Benefits of Drinking Pure Orange Juice

A recent study reveals that individuals who consume 100% orange juice experience reduced calorie intake when compared to those who consume sugar-sweetened orange beverages. Discover the associated health benefits and nutritional perspectives provided by renowned nutritionists.

Article 8: Americans Urged to Prioritize Sleep and Reduce Stress

A Gallup poll highlights a concerning trend where numerous U.S. adults suffer from inadequate sleep and excessive stress. Uncover the poll’s findings and gain insights into the connection between disrupted sleep patterns and heightened stress levels.

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