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USB-C compatible monitor suitable for multi-environment, ASUS VA24DCP Eye Care Monitor

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[smartPC사랑=임병선 기자] A monitor is an output device that is usually connected to a desktop., Recently, as fewer people use a desktop at home, it is a device that is used together less often.. at least corona19 As telecommuting has been promoted due to the pandemic, there have been more cases of repurchasing a desktop or purchasing a monitor as an extended display for a laptop., Sales slowed down again as we entered endemic.

To respond to these environmental changes, many monitor manufacturers are coming up with their own countermeasures.. First of all, we are focusing on high-end gaming monitors for high-end desktops or professional monitors that require a monitor.. Recently, the performance of high-end monitors has increased to the point where you don’t know where the limit is.. Here PS5me XSX for high-performance console game consoles such as 120Hz higher than the refresh rate 4K UHD High-resolution monitors are also being released..

On the other hand, Ordinary monitors such as entry-level monitors are struggling as the number of people looking for them has decreased significantly.. We are taking measures such as lowering the price significantly., not a direct solution. ASUS Some companies, such as USB Type-C(below USB-C) We are introducing a low-end monitor that can be connected with a terminal.. USB-C equipped with terminals ‘ASUS VA24DCP eye care monitorintroduce.

multipurpose USB-C terminal mount

Meantime USB-C The terminal could be found in high-end monitors, but, Hard to find on budget monitors. furthermore USB-C The terminal is also a terminal that was mainly seen in professional monitors for work rather than gaming monitors.. In general, gaming monitors are connected to high-end desktops, but recent graphics cards USB-C There is no terminal, so it can be used for gaming monitors USB-C because there is no need for terminals.

But now on a variety of devices USB-C The situation changed when the terminal was installed.. All Android smartphones USB-C I’m using the terminal and it’s also on my laptop USB-C Because terminals are basic. Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy smartphone USB-C through terminal DeX You can activate the function and your laptop USB-C Supports external display output through terminal. thus USB-C In other words, the utilization of monitors equipped with terminals is greater than before..

‘ASUS VA24DCP eye care monitoris an entry-level monitorUSB-C Equipped with terminals, it can be used in various usage environments.. Smartphone or tablet, even if you don’t have a desktopPC, Mobile devices such as laptops can be easily connected. also, maximum 65W It also supports power supply, so you can charge while printing the screen of your smartphone or laptop..

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Input/output terminals include HDMI 1.4 x1, USB-C x1 (DP Alt mode), and earphone jack.

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We provide a USB C to C cable, not an HDMI cable.
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When connected to a laptop, it can charge while displaying the screen.
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Dex function can be activated easily by connecting it to a Samsung Electronics Galaxy smartphone.

simple design & solid basics

‘ASUS VA24DCP eye care monitoris a simple design that goes well with any place. except for the bottom 3Because it is a frameless design, it provides a much higher immersion when used as a multi-display.. The stand has a simple circular design., It has only a tilt function to adjust the up and down angle. VESA Since it supports a hole, it can also be used by attaching it to a monitor arm..

‘ASUS VA24DCP eye care monitoris also an entry-level monitor with solid basics.. size is 23.8inches and the resolution is FHD(1920×1080)to 75Hz Support refresh rate. You can see it from anywhere up and down 178°wide viewing angle IPS It is equipped with a panel and can enjoy various contents vividly.

input/output terminals HDMI 1.4 x1, USB-C(DP Alt mode), has a headphone jack. Meantime ASUSIn the entry-level monitor of D-SUB The terminal was installed, but recently D-SUB The terminal is the graphics card, of course., It’s hard to find even on laptops, so it’s better to be excluded.. DP there is no terminal HDMI It is not a problem as it can be connected to the desktop with a terminal.. Built-in speaker here(2Wx2)It is convenient because you can hear the sound without having to connect a separate speaker..

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Except for the bottom, three sides have frameless thin bezels.
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There is a VESA hole on the back that can be attached to a monitor arm, etc.
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The OSD control buttons are on the bottom right.
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It is equipped with a simple stand with a circular design.
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The stand only provides tilt function.

Various functions to take care of eye health

ASUS The monitor has an exclusive blue light filter for eye health(Blue Light Filter)and Flickr Free(Flicker free) have the skills. ASUS The monitor protects your eyes with these Eye Care or Eye Care Plus technologies to ensure a safe and comfortable viewing experience..

Blue light emitted by the monitor(blue light)eyestrain, May cause headaches and sleep disturbance. Children, in particular, are more susceptible to eye damage because the lens of the eye is less effective at filtering blue light. This increases the risk of age-related macular degeneration, so blue light filters are essential for monitors used by children..

ASUSThe low blue light function of 4can be set in steps. 1Steps are ideal for general web browsing and offer excellent color reproduction for vibrant visuals and minimal color shifts.. 2The stage is ideal for viewing photos and videos and provides the perfect balance of high quality.. 3Steps look like real paper, making them ideal for lengthy reading or word processing.. 4The stage is suitable for use in environments with dim ambient lighting..

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You can get rid of blue light with the low blue light function.
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Equipped with Flicker Free to eliminate screen flickering.
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It has an AMD FreeSync function that eliminates tearing.

Equipped with multimedia optimization function

The monitor can be used to surf the web, such as news or online shopping, or read webtoons for a short break after office work or study. eBookIt is used for various purposes such as viewing. In addition, you can use it in various situations, such as watching videos on YouTube or simply playing games to cool your head..

‘ASUS VA24DCP eye care monitorwhen watching a movie, when playing games, Equipped with a screen optimization function to suit the user environment, such as when reading text. first vivid pixelfunction enhances the image by making the pixels on the screen sharper and optimizes the image even in low-resolution environments.. alsoASUSof Splendid PLUS as function, behind the monitor OSD directly to the button OSDYou can activate the screen optimization function by operating.

Splendid PLUS function is total 8There are eggplant presets. Optimized for general environment standard’, Adjust the color temperature to the brightness level to provide a good reading environment. reading mode’, Provides the best color for graphic appreciation ‘sRGB’, Color adjustment for better photos scene’, Screen optimization in low light dark room’, Tuned for greater immersion theater’, Adjust the brightness so that there are no hidden parts in the dark game’, Brighten up blurry areas night viewetc..

Game Plus function for game play is also installed.. 6Crosshair feature that allows the crosshair design of the branch to float in the center of the screen, Timer function to tell the time, tells the current frame FPS Helps during game play, such as counter function. Eliminates tearing here AMD You can enjoy the game on a smoother screen with FreeSync function, etc..

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Equipped with 8 presets of Splendid PLUS.
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There is a Game Plus function to help you play the game.
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The FPS counter function tells you the current FPS in real time.
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The aiming line function raises a crosshair in the center of the screen to help you aim during game play.


‘ASUS VA24DCP eye care monitoris for office use, entertainment, It is a versatile monitor that can be used for various purposes such as gaming.. especially USB-C Equipped with a terminal, even if it is not a desktop, a laptop or smartphone, tabletPC A big advantage is that it can be used with various devices such as. In addition, it also has an eye protection function, so it is good for those who use the monitor for a long time.. This product is recommended for those who are looking for a monitor that can be used for various purposes..


screen size 23.8inch
aspect ratio 16:9
panel type – IPS
resolution FHD(1920×1080)
maximum brightness – 250cd/
contrast ratio 1000:1
response speed – 5ms(GTG)
input/output terminal – HDMI 1.4 x1, USB-C x1(DP Alt mode), earphone jack
max refresh rate 75Hz
special function – AMD free sync, flicker free, Splendid, color temperature selection, game plusHDCP 1.4, low blue light, Eye Care Plus, tilt, Besa Hall(100x100mm)
size(with stand) – 539.7×390.41×205.01mm
weight(with stand) – 4kg

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