US says sanctions against Russia are going into effect

The US Secretary of State said that the economic sanctions imposed by the West on Russia are starting to intensify the pressure every day. And the Moscow government is not able to easily find military equipment to continue fighting in Ukraine.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said on Sunday US trade control measures As a result, Moscow has been unable to import parts needed to build more weapons to replace parts destroyed during the war in Ukraine. Or sometimes it was left on the battlefield when the Ukrainian army withdrew after being defeated by the Ukrainians who had successfully counterattacked.

“The (Russian) costs are increasing day by day… the burden on Russia is getting heavier every day,” Blinken said during an interview with CNN’s State of the Union program on CNN.

The US secretary of state said Western allies Russia were “always looking” for ways to squeeze tougher sanctions to undermine Russia’s economy and efforts to wage war in Ukraine.

Blinken accused Russia of “Trying to use winter as a weapon” by launching airstrikes on Ukraine’s water and energy resources in recent weeks. shock and cheer the Ukrainian people, pointing out that “this is pure barbarism”

Meanwhile, the British Ministry of Defense has reported the results of a recent public opinion poll showing that Russian public support for the nearly 10-month-old war has started to wane.

And in the latest intelligence report released on Sunday The British Defense Ministry revealed This an independent Russian media organization said It had access to data collected by the Federal Protective Service in Moscow and showed that 55% of Russians support peace talks with Ukraine, while only 25% support the continuation of the war.

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In April, about 80% of Russians reportedly expressed their support for the war in Ukraine.

FILE PHOTO: View shows an apartment building damaged by a recent Russian military attack in Kherson

As for the combat situation The news reports indicate that The Russians continued to use artillery to attack the city of Kherson. south side of ukraine continuously

Yaroslav Yanuchevich, governor of Kherson He said in a message published via Telegram: “Russian aggressors have begun to return to bomb Kherson. This causes damage to the electricity network. and make the whole city without electricity again,” adding that Technicians are rushing to fix the power grid.

Since the Russian army withdrew from the city of Kherson. Ukrainian forces were able to advance into the southern regions through the territory of Zaporizhia. to reconquer territories previously occupied by Russia, while also repelling the invaders As reported by The Washington Post newspaper.

  • Some of the information comes from AP, Reuters and AFP.

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