US President Orders $345 Million in Defense Assistance to Taiwan

Moscow. July 29. INTERFAX.RU – US President Joe Biden has ordered up to $345 million in defense assistance to Taiwan, the White House reports.

“I am delegating to the Secretary of State (…) to direct up to $345 million in defense products and services through the Department of Defense, as well as military training to assist Taiwan,” Biden said in a memo posted on the White House website.

Taiwan question

The Taiwan question arose in 1949, when the People’s Republic of China was proclaimed, and part of the Chinese Kuomintang party settled on the island of Taiwan, calling the island the Republic of China in Taiwan. Beijing insists on the “one China principle”, which forbids simultaneously recognizing both the PRC and the Republic of China on Taiwan. At the same time, almost all major states have unofficial cultural and economic offices in Taipei. In turn, the US authorities declare their commitment to maintaining the status quo in Taiwan and oppose unilateral changes to it by any of the parties.

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2023-07-28 22:57:00

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