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US President Joe Biden’s Toothache Delays NATO Meeting


A toothache in US President Joe Biden caused the postponement of an expected meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, which was scheduled for Monday to discuss the Ukraine file.

And the White House announced that the meeting with Stoltenberg and another diplomatic meeting that was scheduled for later, “will be rescheduled to Tuesday.”

And a statement by Kevin O’Connor, the US president’s doctor, said that Biden (80 years old, the oldest US president in office) was “suffering from increasing discomfort” at the age of his lower jaw, which had previously been partially treated.

And the White House media office announced that Biden “will undergo root canal treatment in the morning at the White House.” The office stated that the president “will not be subjected to anesthesia and Amendment 25 will not be activated,” meaning that he will remain conscious and able to perform his duties, and will not have to transfer his powers to his deputy, Kamala Harris.

Although the doctors’ message did not indicate any danger to Biden’s health, it seemed that the medical intervention was not scheduled in advance, because the president canceled a third public participation in an event to celebrate college runners less than half an hour before its start.

And Biden’s health is under scrutiny, especially since he is running in the elections in 2024.

And if Biden wins a second presidential term, he will be 86 years old when he leaves the White House.

According to O’Connor, Biden experienced pain for the first time on Sunday, and was seen by a team from Walter Reed Presidential Hospital dispatched to the White House.

The medical procedure was not announced until Monday, when it was also announced that Biden would take a break from root canal treatment, and that his participation in all public events had been cancelled.

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