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US Military Shoots Down Three Houthi Drones in Red Sea – Latest Updates


The team United States of America (US) shot down three combat drones belonging to the Houthi group in the Red Sea. The day before, the US military also attacked four Houthi drones on the Yemeni mainland.

“On Friday morning, US forces shot down three Houthi one-way attacks (drone) near several commercial vessels operating in the Red Sea. There was no damage to any vessels,” said Central Command (CENTCOM), as reported by AFP, Friday (23 /2/2024).

Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi group has been targeting shipping for months and their attacks have continued despite repeated US and UK strikes aimed at weakening the rebels’ ability to threaten vital global trade routes.

CENTCOM said the attack on 4 Houthi drones was carried out by US troops on Thursday (22/2). At that time, the US also disabled two Houthi anti-ship cruise missiles, which were ready to be launched from Houthi-controlled Yemeni territory towards the Red Sea.

The Houthi group began attacking ships in the Red Sea last November. The Houthis say they attack ships linked to Israel to support Palestinians in Gaza, which has been ravaged by the Israel-Hamas war.

US and British forces retaliated with attacks on the Houthi group, which has since declared US and UK interests as legitimate targets as well.

Anger over Israel’s devastating actions in Gaza – which began after an unprecedented Hamas attack on October 7 – has grown across the Middle East, sparking violence involving Iran-backed groups in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Yemen.


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