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US Mail announces changes for the end of the year

Users of the United States Postal Service (USPS) will encounter some transformations in the coming months. Among the planned changes is the creation of new tools, different rates and updated stamps. This federal agency works for the Delivering for America (DFA) program. For this reason, an innovative digital instrument will be offered for North Americans who use the mail at Christmas.

This virtual application is called USPS Holiday Newsroom, with which Americans will be able to interact in real time. In this way, the steps to follow are simpler and in this way deliveries will be made more quickly during holidays.

The USPS reports that through Internet-enabled devices, people will view low prices, review shipments and receive suggestions from specialists. The platform will have various options that will respond to the concerns of citizens at the time of the celebrations.

Another good news from the USPS is that no additional taxes will be charged on the amounts of these rest days for families. It is expected that next Christmas, this distributor will be the cheapest in the country.

US Post Office to raise prices by 2024

Analysts think that the population should expect an increase in USPS prices this winter, because the surcharges will not be paid. A few days ago, the post office notified the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) that different rates are proposed for 2024 operations.

The replacement of prices in postal services is estimated to occur on January 21 of next year. The increased value of the amounts must be over 2%.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy explained that attractive stamps will be designed for 2024. These will be dedicated to the Year of the Dragon, the underground railway line and Pinback Buttons. Stamps will also be made in honor of the late judge Constance Baker Motley and the writer Saul Bellow.

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