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US House of Representatives Passes Bills for Military Aid to Israel, Taiwan, and Ukraine

Except bill on military aid to UkraineThe US House of Representatives also passed separate bills on military aid to Israel, Taiwan and other countries in the Pacific region. This is reported by CNN.

Military aid to Israel

The package provides for US budget spending of $26.4 billion. The funds are intended to support Israel’s “efforts to defend against Iran and its proxies, and counter U.S. military operations in response to recent attacks.”

The funding includes $4 billion for the Iron Dome and David’s Sling missile defense systems and $1.2 billion for the Iron Beam defense system, which will counter short-range missile and mortar threats.

Another $4.4 billion will be spent on defense goods and services provided to Israel, and $3.5 billion on advanced weapons systems and other items through the External Defense Funding Program.

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The document also provides $9.2 billion in humanitarian aid to the population – emergency food supplies, housing and basic services.

Military aid to Taiwan and countries in the region

A separate bill would spend $8.1 billion to counter China’s activities in the Indo-Pacific region. These funds will include submarine infrastructure development ($3.3 billion), military funding for Taiwan and other key US allies in the region ($2 billion), and replenishment of defense assets and services. it was given to Taiwan and regional partners ($1.9 billion). ).

The House of Representatives passed a bill on military aid to Ukraine

As UNIAN wrote, today the US House of Representatives adopted a bill on military and financial aid to Ukraine. For this purpose, the American budget will cost more than 60 billion dollars. The money will be used for the purchase of weapons directly from industry, compensation for the cost of weapons transferred to Ukraine from the US Army arsenals and direct budget support to Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden is already call The Senate (the upper house of Congress) will approve this document as soon as possible and send it to the White House for signature.

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