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US Consumer Confidence Reaches New High in January 2021, Driving Stock Indexes to Record Highs

Benefiting from the recent continued rise in U.S. stocks, still strong employment data, and the drop in gasoline prices to relatively lows, the consumer confidence index in January rose to a new high since 2021, far exceeding economists’ expectations, and also reflecting U.S. consumer confidence. Strong, although it once pushed up 10-year U.S. Treasury yieldbut technology stocks were not affected at all. On the contrary, because of TSMC’s optimistic forecast for the future development of AI, investors in the market are even more looking forward to the upcoming US technology earnings week this week, driving the four major US stock indexes to rise across the board. Among themDow JonesS&P500half feeThe indexes all closed at record highs, and the individual stocks certainly did not fare much better. AI leaders such as AMD, Huida, Meta, Microsoft, Arm, and Supermicro also all reached record highs. Among them, Supermicro’s last quarter financial results were significantly revised up. According to estimates, it has soared 35.9% and set a record high price. However, the company has not yet explained the reason in detail. It is estimated that it will not be announced until the Q2 financial report is released on January 29. However, we can be sure that the rise of “AI” is definitely not there yet. Finish !

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Today the market opened high and fluctuated, and ended up rising 133.58 points to close at 17815.1 points, only 141 points away from the previous high.New Taiwan DollarThen it rose sharply, and according to the wave theory, the daily line is currently still in the first wave, and there should be a second wave of pullback in the future. Therefore, it is not recommended to rush to chase the price now, and I will also share it on the LINE homepage today[ Key support]as long as it pulls back and does not fall below the support, the upward trend can continue. As for individual stocks, the current direction of main funds is still in electronics stocks, while some heavyweight stocks have returned to AI-related stocks! Judging from the market, today’s gains are mainly concentrated in AI server Weiying (6669-TW), Wistron (3231-TW), Quanta (2382), Inventec (2356-TW), Gigabyte (2376-TW); Cooling Shuanghong(3324-TW), Qi Hong (3017-TW), Guangyun (6125); Chassis Yingbang (3693-TW), Sheng Mingden (3013-TW), Chuanhu (2059-TW) and so on, all related to AI.

Wistron (3231-TW) The gross profit margin in the fourth quarter of last year reached 9.3%, a new record. The whole year also achieved good results of three liters and three liters. EPS even hit the highest record since 2012, getting rid of the dilemma of three to four gross margins in the PC foundry industry. Huida, AMD, and Intel are all expected to continue to launch new products this year. As their preferred suppliers, in response to production capacity needs, they will incorporate new production capacity at the end of January, the end of the first quarter, and the second half of this year respectively. Wistron is expected to The advantages of high-end AI servers will continue until 2024. Since TSMC (2330-TW) After firing the first shot, Wistron finally came back to its senses in the past few days, but I don’t know if my old classmate remembers it. I warned you on October 18th that the stock price had just reached the gap support at that time, and there was another Killing orders to gain volume, the weekly chart is at the end of the 5-wave downtrend, and there will be an “intermediate rebound” in the future. Looking back now, it is indeed at the lowest point. Now Wistron has started an upward trend with two consecutive daily limits, and the bottom is consolidating It has been successfully completed, and the future target price can actually be estimated. If you are interested, you can watch today’s after-market analysis, or add LINE to inquire!

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