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US Commerce Secretary Warns China: American Companies Running Out of Patience

US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo warned China on Sunday that US companies were “running out of patience”, saying they wanted “a predictable environment and a level playing field”.

The minister said for “Face the Nation” (Face the Nation) on CBS about her recent visit to Beijing: “I think we’ve made great progress. In terms of tangible results, I’ve been able to open three lines of communication with the Chinese, which is a big step forward. We haven’t really had any contact.” more than five years ago.”

But she added, “I was very clear with the Chinese. I said American companies are running out of patience. They deserve a predictable environment and a level playing field. We hope China will respond to this message so that we can have a stable and growing trade relationship.”

She added, “The ball is now in their court (the Chinese). We want a great and stable economic relationship with them, but they have to play by the rules.”

The United States and China were the two largest trading partners, but Washington is now increasing its trade relations with Canada and Mexico, while Beijing is moving to strengthen its relations with Southeast Asian countries, according to Reuters.

The minister stated that American companies are facing new challenges, including imposing large and unjustified fines and raiding their headquarters.

She indicated that she had informed Chinese officials that her e-mail had been hacked before she traveled to China in late August. “They said they weren’t aware of it and suggested it wasn’t intentional,” she said. “But I think it was important for me to discuss it and tell them that it’s hard to build trust when you have actions like this.”

She stated in her interview with the program: “I think there is no doubt that (the Chinese economy) is slowing down. They certainly face real and serious challenges in the real estate sector.”

She added that the Chinese economy performed better when it was more transparent and more market-oriented.

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