US attacks militants in Iraq

The US airstrike killed five Iraqi militants.

Source: Reuters citing three Iraqi security sources

Details: The militants were preparing to launch explosive shells at US forces.

A US military official confirmed a “imminent threat self-defense strike” targeting a drone site near Kirkuk on Sunday afternoon.

A statement from the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, the main group representing several Iraqi armed groups with close ties to Tehran, said five of its members had died.

The group claimed several attacks on US troops throughout Sunday.

Earlier Sunday, a U.S. military spokesman said U.S. and international forces were hit by several rockets in the Rumalin landing zone in northeastern Syria, but there were no casualties or damage to infrastructure.

Iraqi armed groups have claimed more than 70 such attacks on US troops since October 17 because of Washington’s support for Israel.

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2023-12-03 22:57:56

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