Úrsula Tinoco made her way to New York

In 2013, the Mexican Úrsula Tinoco left Mexico to pursue her dream of studying at the prestigious The Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute in New York and then seeking an opportunity as an actress in the United States, but fate has led her to the Latin theater where her work has Featured and even recognized, she is now a loyal promoter of Spanish-language off Broadway plays.

“I had no idea that there was Latin and Spanish theater in New York, I came with that dream of coming here and learning everything the greats learned, I stayed to work because they give you the opportunity when you graduate and I started doing theater in English, but a teacher told me to contact The Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors (HOLA), I did so and they sent me to an audition, Tirso de Molina’s El burlador de Sevilla was going to be staged. That’s how I learned that there is a whole small Spanish theater industry in NY, and a very good path was made for me, so I began to get more projects and step on more stages in our language ”.

Another reason why he decided to study and work in the US is because of the cultural diversity that the city of NY has, where there are artists from all over the world with whom he could coincide and work on a film, series, work, even in a great musical in English, and although she continues to audition, it is essential for her to continue performing staging for a Spanish-speaking audience.

“Sharing the culture and art that come from the various countries of Latin America and Spain is a way of making other cultures see our history; through art human beings can understand each other better ”.

Úrsula has worked on 24 montages, 14 in Spanish.

Among his plans before the end of this 2021 is the premiere of the play Death on the Nile, by Agatha Christie, the first weekend of November; later she will be alone on stage with the monologue Suicide is a serious thing, by the Spanish singer Charo González Casas.

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