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UPONPRO Launches Grand Opening on JD.com with Up to 50% Discounts

The cutting-edge fashion sports brand UPONPRO brings its entire range of products to JD.com for its grand opening on 11.11 with discounts starting from 50% off

Financial Industry Information 2023-10-27 15:13:42

Recently, the cutting-edge fashion sports brand UPONPRO has launched a full range of products on JD.com, and the official UPONPRO JD.com flagship store has grandly opened. The opening period coincides with JD.com’s 11.11. UPONPRO not only brings consumers more than 200 products, covering a full range of jackets, jackets, down jackets, casual pants, backpacks, shoes and boots, but also has grand opening discounts and the release of new autumn and winter products. Consumers can open the JD.com APP and search for “UPONPRO” to go directly to the store to purchase.

As a cutting-edge fashion sports brand, UPONPRO’s design team in Milan, Italy, uses pioneering structures, pioneering fabrics and techniques, and draws unique inspiration from “outdoor exploration” to inject cutting-edge new technology sports genes into the design concept and interpret it through modern fashion in multiple aspects. Sports style, innovating contemporary sports aesthetics. UPON PRO regards clothing as a double-sided carrier of “strength and beauty”. Functional hard-shell jackets, high-energy outdoor spliced ​​jackets, long waisted jackets, outdoor down jackets, etc. are all UPONPRO’s best-selling items. Consumers can purchase them at UPONPRO official website Shop as you like at the flagship store.

With the rise of “mountain style” and “urban outdoor style” styles, the wearing scene of jackets has gradually moved from outdoors to cities. Jackets that are both functional and fashionable are more popular among young people. The UPONPRO JD.com official flagship store offers a variety of styles of jackets, such as windproof functional hard-shell jackets, which are made of three layers of high-density fiber fabrics to keep the body warm all day long. The three-dimensional silhouette design is full of avant-garde and pioneering. In addition to the basics In addition to the obsidian black color model, there are also two colors available: olive gray and graphite blue; the overall silhouette of the hard-shell hooded jacket is more rounded, and the cuffs are designed with Velcro, showing a fashionable and youthful look; high-end outdoor spliced ​​jackets are made of Contrasting colors and fabric splicing design, the fabric surface has a plaid texture, which has both comfortable touch and crisp texture. There is also a lightweight outdoor thin hooded jacket with classic mesh stitching on the chest and waist, which is suitable for outdoor or daily wear.

Long jackets are also fashionable tools with a concave shape. UPONPRO JD.com’s official flagship store has launched a new long hard-shell jacket with a waist. The collar flap is not only exquisitely designed, but also plays a windproof role, and the belt design can be adjusted to a waist silhouette. The shape is full of fashion, and the two colors of light gray and blue meet the personalized needs of consumers.

As the temperature drops, warmth retention has become a necessity for outdoor enthusiasts. UPONPRO JD.com’s official flagship store carries two types of outdoor down jackets with different styles for consumers to choose from. The khaki short down jacket adopts a high collar design, and the three-dimensional cutting of the sleeves gives it a sense of silhouette. The down content is 175 grams, which brings excellent cold protection. It has both warmth and fashion sense; it adopts a short style with a detachable and deformable design. For the functional white goose down jacket, consumers can adjust the two zippers on the hood to have a high collar or round collar, adding a touch of fun to fashion.

JD.com has always been committed to providing consumers with more diversified clothing choices, and by fully integrating multiple advantages such as technology, supply chain, and marketing, it has created a new model of online and offline consumption integration scenarios to bring consumers a new fashion consumption experience. On 11.11 this year, all categories of clothing on JD.com achieved a full explosion, and JD.com has become the main place for consumers to purchase clothing and pursue new fashion trends. With the entry of UPONPRO this time, JD.com’s brand and new product lineup has been further expanded. In the future, JD.com will also join hands with more partners to continue diversified and in-depth cooperation to bring consumers more fashionable and practical new clothing.

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