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UPN considers the “waste” of the Corella Music Fest a “scandal”, “with almost 400,000 euros spent”

UPN’s Corella considers the waste that the organization of the music festival has meant for the public coffers a “scandal” ‘Corella Music Fest’held in Corella on November 5, 2022, since, according to the regionalists, “the figure of expenses would be around almost 400,000 euros.”

In a statement, UPN has also criticized the management carried out by the government team with the mayor, Gorka Garcia, to the head. “Despite the fact that the municipal group has requested information on the expenses and procedures carried out at the festival, this has not been provided,” he explained, adding that “if the waste is scandalous, the mayor’s attitude is shameful in hiding and deny us the information we have legally requested. “This refusal that has led UPN to request protection and file an appeal before the Administrative Court of Navarra”, he indicated.

Thus, he added that “in a democratic system, information and transparency are essential, and even more so when public funds are managed”. “The city of Corella has the right to know what is done with public money. A budget modification of 150,000 euros was approved in full to cover the expenses of the festival. From what we have seen, it will not be enough to cover the almost 400,000 that it seems to have cost “, has added.

For the regionalists, “the citizens of Corella have the right to know and the mayor has the obligation to report, among other issues, on what the real cost of the festival has been, what contracting process has been followed and why the city council is not paying invoices”.

UPN has indicated that “this scandal demonstrates the disastrous management of this government team, which has not been able to control spending or carry out contracts correctly.”

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