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Up in arms! The Latest Innova Sights Wander the Street

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia Toyota Kijang Innova seems to be starting to show the code will be reborn in a new version. Now, photos of the alleged new Innova car have just started circulating on social media.

From Natthapon Matsarat’s Facebook account, it can be seen that the photo being tested on the street is suspected to be in Thailand. At first glance, the body size is larger than the current reborn version of the Innova.

However, the construction design looks similar to the Innova Reborn. The taillight design combines horizontal and vertical shapes

Like other Toyota cars that have been released earlier, this car is like combining MPV and SUV models, as happened in the Avanza and Veloz. This can be seen from the size of the front vender.

If it is released, then the competition for multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) cars in Indonesia is expected to be even tighter. Moreover, the Minister of Industry, Agus Gumiwang, immediately gave a leak about the presence of this car.

“Toyota is committed to producing several types of electrified vehicles, starting with the Kijang Hybrid production. We will continue to support and encourage the acceleration of electrified products or pure electric vehicles,” said Minister of Industry Agus Gumiwang at the Inauguration of the Export Production Achievement of 2 million Toyota units in early February.

From an internal perspective, PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) Director of Administration, Corporate and External Relations Bob Azzam revealed that there are two alternatives, namely making completely new products or making hybrid car products from models that already exist on the market.

“So in 2022 we will start producing electric cars, namely hybrids. If we consider the existing automotive industry, we prefer to hybridize existing models. So that we can maintain the supply chain, we can adopt new technologies. Moreover if the model has been accepted in the export market, it will be for domestic and export at the same time. You can guess which model,” said Bob at a press conference some time ago.

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