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Unusual In-Flight Incident: Horse Escapes on Air Atlanta Icelandic Boeing 747

Last November 15, un Boeing 747 of Air Atlanta Icelandic has been taking off since New York John F. Kennedy International Airport. Landing is planned several hours later on the other side of the Atlantic, in Belgium. The cargo plane is located 9,500 m above sea level when a passenger like no other sows discord. A sound recording of air traffic control consulted by the American channel ABC News reveals the presence of a horse on board. After leaving his cagethe animal trots as if nothing had happened in the hold of the aircraft.

The Boeing had barely been flying for half an hour when the nag left his “seat”. “We are a cargo plane with a live animal, a horse, on board. The horse managed to escape from his stall. There’s no problem flying, but we have to go back to New York because we can’t get it back under lock and key.” launches the pilot of the device to the control tower. First we must drop around 20 tonnes of fuel over the Atlantic to allow him to make a U-turn from the coast of Boston and land safely at the airport he just left a little over thirty years ago minutes.

What happened to the horse on the plane?

As the Boeing 747 has just landed, air traffic control (ATC) sends a message to see if help should be sent to the crew. The pilot then signals again “problem with a horse”. A veterinarian called to go to JFK airport will ultimately take care of the animal. We still don’t know at this time how he managed to escape. The audio recording also indicates that he was not restrained during the emergency landing. The plane took off again for a second (and last time) to land smoothly in the early morning at Liège airportin Belgium.

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