Unpredictability remains with KFC Uerdingen

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Unpredictability remains with KFC Uerdingen

Secrecy is booming at KFC Uerdingen. What’s next with the Grotenburg theme? Is the start in the regional league really guaranteed? There are many imponderables.

The West German Football Association has made the division of the regional league. KFC Uerdingen is one of the 20 clubs that are supposed to play in the fourth division. However, it is not yet 100% sure whether the club will also play there. In addition to the sporting qualification that is given, every club must meet two conditions: It must have a stadium and deposit 35,000 euros. The latter has happened, the stadium question is still open.

On May 5, 2018, the Uerdinger played their last game in the Grotenburg. Then the ailing stadium was closed by the authorities to all games for security reasons. The council has decided that the arena will be refurbished and suitable for the third division for around 16 million euros, with 3.3 million coming from Berlin. In April 2022 it should be possible to play in front of spectators again. After the withdrawal of the KFC from the third division, consideration is now being given to preparing the stadium for the regional league so that the ball can roll earlier in front of a smaller backdrop. This week, “the central building management wants to convene the Grotenburg working group with representatives from administration and politics to provide information on alternative planning options from AS + P regarding the timing of the renovation,” the city announced.

It is quite unlikely that the Grotenburg stadium will be able to play again in mid-August when the regional league starts. The stadium in Velbert is offered as an alternative. The rental costs per season should be 400,000 euros. That would be about the same amount that the Uerdingen had to shell out for their home games in Lotte. That would be a heavy mortgage for the clumsy Uerdinger. But maybe it would be possible to use the Grotenburg again at least after the first half of the season.

The topic of finance is crucial anyway, because it is not even certain how high the liabilities of the association will be after the liquidation of the GmbH. According to the Westdeutsche Zeitung, they should amount to around 800,000 euros. In addition, a budget of around 1.3 million euros would have to be raised for the coming season in the regional league. It currently appears uncertain whether this is possible.

In the meantime, three different groups are said to have expressed their interest in mastering the situation and taking responsibility at the KFC. Andreas Galland, Chairman of the Board of Directors, only confirms that there are talks. The names of the possible candidates will of course not be revealed, thus opening the door to speculation. One can only hope that it will not be those names again that are always mentioned in Krefeld when there is a need, and yet always disappear in the end without having their offers of help followed up with deeds.

What actually happens when the KFC comes to the conclusion that the regional league cannot be sustained? He could retire by June 30th, when he would be assigned to the Oberliga. If he gets to the point on July 1 or later, he is determined to be relegated, will not take part in the game for a year and will start in the major league in the 2022/23 season. “However, in theory the association also has the option of classifying it later in the major league,” says Thomas Klinger, an expert in matters of statutes and statutes. “The presidium can decide against the statutes in terms of sport.” He should be spared that.



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