“Unlocking the Secrets of the Upper Class Income: What It Really Takes to Belong”

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Von: Janine Napirca

Have you ever wondered how much net income people who belong to the “upper class” earn? You’ll find the answer here.

Money alone may not bring happiness. But anyone who says it’s not essential is lying to themselves. While some people feel like they’ll think twice before they spend it, others — at least in terms of their salary — are considered upper class.

What exactly does “upper class” mean?

To be one of the top earners, you don’t necessarily have to drive a fat car, fly on vacation twice a year or live in a swanky villa. According to a study by the German Economic Institute, people with a much lower income are already in the top ten percent. For this study, private households were asked about their net income.

According to the German Economic Institute, a family with two children under the age of 14 belongs to the upper class with a net income of 7,412 euros or more. © Monkeybusiness/Imago

Editor’s note: This text has already appeared in the past. He was of particular interest to many readers. That’s why we’re offering it again.

According to the study, at what net income does one belong to the upper class?

According to the results of the study, a single person with a monthly net income of 3,529 euros is one of the rich, while childless couples with a net monthly income of 5,294 euros or more are among the rich ten percent. In order to be able to include families with children, the German Economic Institute divided the net income of the parents by a quotient that also takes into account the costs incurred by the children. From this it follows that a couple with two children under the age of 14 belongs to the upper class from 7,412 euros net.

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