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Unknown Life Stories of Supreme Court Chief Justice D.Y. Chandrachud and the Power of Prayer

Renowned Hindustani musician Kishori Amonkar’s beloved disciple Prabha and India’s 16th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court YV Chandrachud preferred to be alone with their second child. Seeing Dhananjaya Yashwant Chandrachud become shy and silent with his 14-year-old sister, the teachers advised the family: ‘Get your son a puppy. Let it be added.’

Justice D. Y. is interviewed by The Week about the character of this childhood-loving Supreme Court Chief Justice and his personal life, which is not known to many. Chandrachud opens the mind.

His son, who loved music, was taught tabla and harmonium by YV Chandrachud. Hearing his son playing the tabla beautifully, the father stopped learning the tabla, fearing that he would become a tabla scholar instead of a doctor or a lawyer. But Dhananjay got back into music during his college days and became a disc jockey for All India Radio. Soon became a radio host.

His first wife Rashmi died of cancer. Abhinam and Chintan, sons of this relationship, are well-known lawyers. The legal interest ingrained in the family since the time of Chandrachud’s grandfather continues in the new generation. Chandrachud’s sister also studied law. She was the first ranker of Bombay University. After getting married in 1971, he migrated to Indiana, USA. Justice Chandrachud says that the dream of India is to increase the efficiency and sense of responsibility of the colonial succession legal system.

He married Kalpana in 2008. He says there is no place left in India where he and Kalpana will not go. Priyanka and Mahi, who are differently abled, were adopted in 2015. Annu Chandrachud is the Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court. The village in Uttarakhand where Priyanka and Mahi grew up lacked schools for the differently-abled. Both of them are now in a school called Sanskriti in Delhi.

When I have some spare time, I like to listen to music and read books. Priyanka and Mahi must have downloaded music on their father’s phone. That’s what you hear on your way to and from court. If you used to be able to read 30 pages a day, now you only have time to finish 10 pages. The most influential book is Cry the Beloved Country written by Alan Paton in the context of apartheid in South Africa. Read many times, many pages are a visual lesson. Another favorite author is Somerset Mom.

Chandrachud named his youngest son Chintan in memory of his father YV Chandrachud who was suffering from insomnia and found solace in yoga and meditation. Chinta means meditation, contemplation. Justice Chandrachud’s yoga teacher is in Pune. Now 90 years old. The morning prayer is not interrupted. He leaves the house only after praying.

It was through the power of prayer that he recovered from the trauma of his first wife dying of cancer. That period of illness was also the most challenging phase of life with two young children. Within a year of his wife’s death, his father also died. Even in a difficult phase, the focus on work did not wane. That balance enriched family life. The new issue of ‘The Week’ has a long interview full of unknown life stories of Justice Chandrachud, including overcoming crises.

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Prayer is always my strength says Justice DY Chandrachud

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