United States. She buys a photo album dating from 1927 and finds the trace of a cousin

It was a strange discovery that this American made when she bought an old photo album at a flea market in New York (United States). The object, which dates from 1927, had belonged to the ancestors of one of her distant cousins, reports the HuffPost.

This decorator, present on social networks including TikTok, is not her first purchase of an antique object. This genealogy enthusiast walks the markets in search of memories in order to return them to their owners. But this time, it is with a member of her family that Chelsey Brown has reconnected.

Already 200 returned objects

To find the owners of these photos, the young woman usually searches the Ancestry site, an American website that traces the family trees of many families. But this time, the album she had bought contained only first names, insufficient information for the site.

This is why Chelsey Brown called on her father, himself a genealogist. Together, they finally found the family present in the photos, the Fenningsā€¦ and identified their heiress, a cousin of the influencer. A distant cousin, between the 4th and the 6th degree, according to the Ancestry site, but still.

The American contacted her relative to return the photo album to her. She shared her discovery and story on TikTok last July. In total, Chelsey Brown has already returned no less than 200 antiques, she told US media. Insider during an interview.



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