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United States Joe Biden promises “extreme competition” with China

Donald Trump no longer occupies the Oval Office, but China remains the main international challenge for the United States. New President Joe Biden confirms following in the footsteps of his Democratic predecessor in the White House, Barack Obama, who was the first to formulate this policy of “Looking east” and strategic rivalry. In an interview with CBS, Joe Biden argues that the future relationship with Beijing will be more of ” extreme competition As friendly cooperation. Assuring however wanting to avoid a ” conflict “, The head of state describes his counterpart, Xi Jinping, as a man”very difficult “. “He doesn’t have, and I’m not saying this as a criticism, it’s just the reality, he doesn’t have an ounce of democracy in him”, concludes the one who intends to build a“Summit for democracy”.Beyond the mildly high-sounding name, the goal is clear: to stem China’s rise to power and recalibrate America’s role in the world..L. S.

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