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United Airlines Boeing 737-800 Loses Panel in Flight from San Francisco-Oregon: Investigation Underway


Boeing planes again show design problems. The United States airline, United Airlines, announced that one of its fleet lost a panel on a flight from San Francisco-Oregon on Friday (15/3/2024).

As reported Associated Press, Saturday (16/3/2024), the plane that lost one of the panels was United Airlines with flight number 433 using a Boeing 737-800. The plane took off from San Francisco Airport at 10.20 am local time and landed at Medford Rogue Valley International Airport, Medford, Oregon, midday.

The airport’s director, Amber Judd, said the plane landed safely without any incident. The external panel was confirmed to be missing during post-flight inspection.

Airport authorities then decided to stop flight operations to check the runway and airfield for the missing plane panels. However, no debris was found.

It is unknown when the panel came off and where it is located.

Judd believes that United Airlines ground crew or pilots conducting routine inspections before the next flight were the ones who noticed the missing panels.

Quoted from CNN, The airline said the flight 433 crew did not declare an emergency and there was no indication of damage during the flight.

United confirmed the plane was a Boeing 737-800. It was a previous generation plane and not the newer 737 Max planes that were earlier missing panels and had holes in their windows mid-flight.

United said the loss of the panels did not affect the plane’s flying characteristics.

United spokeswoman Leslie Scott said the missing panels were on the underside of the fuselage, under the wings and behind the main landing gear.

United said it would conduct a thorough inspection of the plane and make all necessary repairs before returning to service.

“We will also carry out an investigation to better understand how the damage occurred,” the airline said.

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