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The hit Korean drama “under the control of the queen“Each episode can ignite heated topics and the actor who plays “Wang” in the comedyChoi Won-youngWhile there aren’t many roles, I think fans of the drama should know about it. This year ushered in the 20th anniversary of his debut, Cui Yuanying also achieved a perfect ending in the same period of the Korean drama “Life Victory Team” as a villain. Do you want to know about Cui Yuanying’s private life and romance with actor wife? Come take a look with me!

A model worker who produces an average of 3 dramas a year

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Cui Yuanying entered the entertainment circle with Photo from NAVER

Cui Yuanying was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1976. He was born in the stage design department and came into contact with stage performances during a job. At the same time, due to his outstanding appearance, he experienced the taste of acting from an advertising model Cui Yuanying debuted at the age of 26 with “Color Is Empty” “Entered the entertainment circle.

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《Sky Castle》Photos from JTBC

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This year is the 20th anniversary of her debut, she has created many classic roles, “successors“Mr. Yoon, “Second Twenty” Kim Woo-cheol, “Castle of Heaven“Huang Zhiying”Shuangjia roadside stall“Ghost Team Leader… Among them, he won KBS Supporting Actor Award for “Hwarang” and “Mad Dog”.prison doctor“KBS Mini TV Series Male Outstanding Acting Award, has maintained a very high output over the years, with an average output of 3 dramas per year, and is known as a model worker in the entertainment industry.

so romantic love story

Cui Yuanying and actor Shen Yiying made a fake show for Photo from MBC

Cui Yuanying and Shen Yiying's husband and wife file has a deep relationshipPhotos from Instagram

Cui Yuanying and actor Shen Yiying made a real mock show for “Hundred Years Inheritance”. Although the two played a couple in the same bed and different dreams in the comedy, in real life, their love gradually grew from the day-to-day shooting, and their love burned out outside the show. After dating for six months, he walked into the auditorium. He told Shen Yiying, who was still his girlfriend at the time, “This car has been driving for eight years. I hope the person sitting next to me will be you in the future.” Cui Yuanying learned he had become a father shortly after announcing the news of their marriage. The good news of Xilinmen is simply happiness. After the wedding, Cui Yuanying and Shen Yiying, both actors, will be jealous of each other because their partners make kissing scenes with others, so they reduce the intimate scenes. The couple and a pair of daughters together form a happy family .

It’s so sad to lose “this” role

Cui Yuanying has also played the villain many timesPhoto from KBS

Cui Yuanying once received an invitation to play the role of the villain Photo from SBS

Cui Yuanying’s image on the screen is both good and evil. Whether she plays a villain or a villain, she is very attractive. He once played a bad villain in “Prison Doctor”, “Remember You” and “Mad Dog”, which is very impressive he Let the audience hate him. Cui Yuanying was also asked on the show if there were any roles that he felt sorry for missing out. He revealed that he received an invitation from the big villain “Joo Dan-tae” in “Penthouse Upper Wars”, but he was in a scene embarrassing at the time and the program could not be matched. However, even though I missed it, I still feel no regrets.

Simultaneous hot topic of “Life Victory Group” and “Queen’s Subordinate”

Cui Yuanying played the role of Wang Photo from tvN

Cui Yuanying recently played the role of King “Lee Ho” in “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”, sandwiched between concubine Kim Hae-sook and central hall Kim Yoo-soo. Although the “country” has ushered in an era of peace and tranquility, there is no solution to the “housewife” mother-in-law problem, the king “Li Hao” played by Cui Yuanying has both the prestige of a holy king and the feelings of a loving father.

Cui Yuanying embodied as Photos from JTBC

In the “Life Victory Group” broadcast not long ago, Cui Yuanying became the chairman of the Daoxin Group “Huang Xiandao”. Arrested, with a tragic end. These two completely different roles are even more exciting under Cui Yuanying’s performance. We look forward to his next 20 years together!

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