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Under Express Booking. Piedra Ibarra to the lions

You are invited to report on the leadership of the CNDH, la ombudsperson, Rosario Stone Ibarra, who returns to the Senate, after his surrender of protest in December.

Since then, Piedra Ibarra has been required by the opposition, but they remind us that the armor that the majority leader has given him, Senator Ricardo Monreal Ávila, saved her from the lions.

But, they comment that “every little chapel gets its little party”, and has a turn, not in commissions, but in the Political Coordination Board, where the banks are represented, four of them, those of the Containment Block, who have waited for the moment to ask you about the every day more controversial conduction of the commission that heads.

The drop that broke the camel’s back and caused a deluge has been the occupation of CNDH facilities, in the Historic Center, but the long list of shortcomings, they tell us, is long.

Doña Rosario, they tell us, will have to CNDH kitchen refrigerators some of the juicy cuts of meat that he saves for give them as an appetizer to legislators that, they say, have been walking like wild beasts since they were passed over with your appointment as chair of the Commission.


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