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Uncovering the Truth Behind Treebeard: The Remarkable Role of John Rhys-Davies in The Lord of the Rings

In the original trilogy of The Lord of the Rings, Iain Rhys-Davies plays Gimli, son of Gloin, the memorable dwarf lord of the Angle Company. Being ironically the tallest actor in the castRhys-Davies is remembered for his master’s interpretation of Gimli, but it wasn’t the same role he played in the Peter Jackson trilogy.

In both towers, when Merry and Pippin enter Fangorn Forest They meet Treebeard, a forest ent. This character ends up being crucial to the plot, from then on after that he leads the march of the Ents against Isengard, and completes the defeat of Saruman’s defenses, weakened by the march of the army towards Helm’s Deep. What many fans don’t know is John Rhys-Davies plays Treebeard.if only by lending his voice.

Obviously in Spanish things are different, but if you look closely In the original you can hear the nuances of Gimli’s voice after Treebeard’s sound bell. In the so-called version it is Miguel Angel Jenner who plays Gimli, one of the legends of blackness in Spain and regular voice of Samuel L. Jackson among many others. But he does not duplicate with Treebeard, because the definition of the ent was made by Pepe Antequerahistorical television presenter and voice actor who He left us on January 26 last year.

“Trees? And what do the trees talk about?”

Rhys-Davies explainedmore than ten years ago, Treebeard’s place had been one of the most difficult in his entire career. Giving a voice to a tree is extremely challenging, and the actor explains that he tried to slow down a lot during the creative process when speaking and adding sounds that sounded like the movement of the branches or roots as they were attached to the ground. But, They ended up with a more natural and gentle tone, which is the last one we hear in the original films. Even though, The actor believes that he failed to capture the essence of the characterand he does not know how it could have been done better.

Whether through Rhys-Davies or Antequera’s definition, Fans remember Bárbol’s monologuesand despite being a major character in the story, his role in the War of the Ring he was instrumental in subduing Saruman. If you want to know more about The Lord of the Rings, you will definitely be interested learn the truth behind one of the most memorable scenes in The Fellowship of the Ring. A film in which, at least, Sean Astin had one of the worst accidents on film.

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