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Unaccompanied Children Service at Qingdao Jiaodong Airport: Ensuring Safety and Exclusive Surprise

China Civil Aviation News” and China Civil Aviation Network reporter Xu Xiaohong reported: With the arrival of the summer vacation, the number of children traveling by air at Qingdao Airport has increased significantly. According to statistics, the average daily number of unaccompanied children insured by airport agency flights has increased by 642.9% month-on-month, and the highest amount insured in a single day is nearly 100. In order to reassure more children and their parents, Qingdao Jiaodong Airport launched and continued to optimize the “unaccompanied children” service, so that every baby has an exclusive surprise.

According to the regulations on passenger transport in civil aviation, unaccompanied minors generally refer to child passengers who are 5 years old but under 12 years old on the date of commencement of air transportation, who are unaccompanied by an adult over 18 years old and travel alone. The airline’s unaccompanied children service is usually provided free of charge on domestic flights, and you need to consult with each carrier airline for details on international flights.

It should be noted that although most domestic flights support unaccompanied travel, there is a limit to the number of unaccompanied children that each flight can accept. Each airline has different time requirements and personnel quotas for applying for unaccompanied children services. Parents who intend to apply for unaccompanied children for their children can consult the airline when purchasing tickets, or call the Qingdao Airport service hotline 0532-96567 for consultation or Use the Qingdao Airport App and WeChat Mini Program to make an appointment.

On the day of unaccompanied children’s travel, after arriving at the airport, parents should take their little ones to the manual check-in counter of the corresponding airline to go through the formalities, instead of using the self-service check-in machine. Hand over with the staff at the corresponding counter of the airline, show your ID card, fill in the flight receipt for unaccompanied minors, and complete the handover procedures.

After the handover is completed, the staff will accompany and guide the child passenger through the security check, and take a free battery car to the corresponding boarding gate. When boarding the flight, the staff will “hand in hand, face to face, seamless” send the unaccompanied child onto the plane, and carefully hand over the information with the crew to ensure that the information of the unaccompanied child is correctly handed over and that no belongings are lost. During the whole process, the staff will accompany you all the way and stay with you.

However, in order to avoid special circumstances such as flight delays and cancellations that cause the little cute babies to wait for a long time, parents are requested to leave the airport after the flight takes off, so that the staff can communicate with them about the status and needs of the little cute babies.

(Photo courtesy of Qingdao Airport)

Before the flight lands, the ground service staff of Qingdao Airport will wait for the children to disembark at the cabin door in advance. After handing over with the cabin crew, they will accompany the children to pick up the checked luggage, contact the pick-up person by phone, and after verifying their identities, send the children to the airport safely. People, enjoy the “first class” treatment at the airport.

The relevant person in charge of Qingdao Airport said that they will continue to start from the needs of passengers, continue to optimize the service guarantee process, and continue to improve the overall service quality. Happy sailing, warm companionship, big hands and small hands, let the sincere service go “children” all the way. (Editor: Zhang Tong Proofreading: Zhang Wei Verification: Cheng Ling)

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