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Umika Kawashima’s High School Classmate Reveals Surprising Detail on TV Show

Popular actor Umika Kawashima appeared on the variety show “Ueda to Onna ga Yaru Yoru” (Nippon TV) broadcast on February 14, 2024, and referred to Ryosuke Yamada of the idol group “Hey! Say! JUMP” as “Yamada”. ”, which has attracted attention on social media.

Mr. Kawashima and Mr. Yamada were said to have been classmates in high school.

  • From Ryosuke Yamada’s Instagram (@ryosuke_yamada059)

  • From Umika Kawashima’s Instagram (@umika_kawashima)

Mr. Yamada, who is “always sparkling” in high school

The program was titled “Winter Bitches Festival Special!” and featured a talk between guest Yamada and female entertainers. There was a scene in which Kawashima revealed, “Yamada and I were classmates. We went to high school,” and Shinya Ueda, the MC of the comedy duo “Cream Stew,” immediately tutted, “Is he calling you Yamada?!” .

While the co-stars were all surprised, Kawashima opened up about an episode from his school days, saying, “It’s not that I’m a Yamada, but…”

“We weren’t allowed to wear hair or make-up either; there were strict school rules. I’d be unkempt and go to work even after waking up, but (Yamada-san) was always sparkling.”

suggests Yamada’s high sense of beauty. Mr. Kawashima continued, “(Mr. Yamada) is playing with balls and things in the schoolyard, but it all seems to be in slow motion…” When Mr. Yamada said, “That’s not true,” and laughed. I denied it.

SNS reactions: “It’s so fresh” “I feel like we’re classmates lol”

When the co-stars heard the story, they all said, “He’s a prince!” and “Does he look like he’s wearing gauze?”, but Yamada laughed and said, “Is that so stupid?”

Mr. Kawashima added, “I couldn’t get close to him anymore,” and when asked by Mr. Ueda, “Does that bother you?” he immediately answered, “Yes.” Mr. Ueda quipped, “No, what do you mean by sparkling and getting it on your nose!”

Viewers gave this exchange between classmates an X,

“It’s really nice that Kawashima Umika-chan calls Yamada-kun ‘Yamada’… It’s like they’re classmates lol.”
“Umika Kawashima’s sparkling nose calls me Yamada, and I’m glad she’s my classmate.”
“The girl who calls Ryosuke Yamada “Yamada” is so new and amazing…”
“Umika Kawashima is too strong to call Ryosuke Yamada Yamada lol”

There is a lot of reaction.

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