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Ukrainian military captured an alleged UFO – 2024-03-01 20:05:03

The uniformed officers were amazed to see the UFO in the sky and how it remained floating in one place.

A video spread on social networks shows the moment when a Ukrainian soldier apparently saw an unidentified flying object, yes, a UFO. The soldier, belonging to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, thinks that he detected the disk-shaped ship while using one of the reconnaissance drones that he has deployed on the battlefield.

In this regard, a spokesperson for DJIwhich manufactures drones Mavicsaid he could not explain what exactly the fighters of the SWEAT. He admitted that there was a technical problem during the recording as an error message was seen on it.

According to The Telegraph, the images were captured by the 406th Battalion of Ukraine. Likewise, you can hear the reaction of the soldiers when they see the UFO who are very amazed by what they are seeing on the screen.

In the conversation, one questions “why can’t he shoot missiles at us?”, to which another soldier asks: “What do you mean?” Astonished, the soldier says: “Holy cow. What the hell is this? Why isn’t he moving?” And the other, upon realizing the object, emphasizes: “I assure you that it is a UFO, sure. It remains in its place, on the screen.”

At that moment, another voice asks: “come closer (addressing the person controlling the drone). He is standing, do you see him?” Meanwhile, other soldiers question: “Can’t you see anything in the thermal cameras?” The video ends with a soldier suggesting: “Maybe ram him?”

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