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Ukrainian counter-offensive around Kyiv

Several large Ukrainian cities are under siege, and the Russians are trying to surround Kyiv. Both the president and other Ukrainian sources report on counter-offensives carried out by the Ukrainian army. By geolocating videos and visuals, some of the information from Ukrainian sources can be substantiated:

Prevents siege of Kyiv

Near Kyiv, north and west of the capital, Ukrainian forces fought back against Russian forces several times, writes CNN. Videos, which they have geolocated to the city of Makariv west of Kyiv, show Ukrainian forces hoisting the flag over the city. Early Tuesday, the armed forces stated on social media that they had regained control of Makariv.

North of Kyiv, Russian forces have also been repulsed. A video geolocated by CNN shows Ukrainian soldiers in the city of Moschun, about 35 km north of the capital. A Ukrainian drone video geolocated to the same area, and scheduled for this weekend, showed a Russian tank that was destroyed in the same area.

The satellite image taken on March 22 shows the flooding of the Irpin River compared to what it looked like on February 28. Photo: Maxar Technologies / AFP / NTB-

Flooding in the Irpin River prevents Russian advance

Satellite images from Monday showed increasing flooding from the Irpin River. According to CNN, this river is critical for Russian forces approaching Kyiv: if they cannot cross it, they will not be able to enter Kyiv from the west. It is unclear how the dam along the Dnieper River began to flood. It may have been a tactical maneuver by Ukrainian forces, or it may have simply been damaged by missiles during the war.

Trying to cut off supplies

20 kilometers north of Makariv is the small town of Borodyanka, which is held by Russian and Chechen forces. If Ukrainian forces take this city, Russian forces that have moved closer to Kyiv will be cut off from supplies. Here, the battle goes back and forth in waves, writes CNN. The Ukrainians hold Makariv, and expand their area of ​​control from there. Several Russian positions between Makariv and Kyiv will be vulnerable if Borodyanka falls.

A Ukrainian soldier during an exercise in Kyiv, Ukraine, March 22.  Photo: STRINGER / Mikhail Palinchak / Reuters / NTB

A Ukrainian soldier during an exercise in Kyiv, Ukraine, March 22. Photo: STRINGER / Mikhail Palinchak / Reuters / NTB

Kherson and Mykolaiv

A source in the US military says that the Ukrainians are trying to take back the southern part of the city of Kherson, and that they are on the offensive northeast of Mykolaiv. The source tells CNN that it is difficult to know if these movements are part of a larger operation on the part of the Ukrainians.

Repulsed Russian attacks and shot down planes

The Ukrainian defense states at a quarter to four on Wednesday night that they have repulsed seven Russian attacks, shot down six planes and five unmanned drones. The same source states that they have lost seven tanks, five drones and six artillery. In addition, they state that they have stopped attacks on Luhansk and Donetsk. This information has not been verified by any independent source.

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