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UK reaches key vaccination target, 22% of population has received first dose-IT & Health

The UK has reached its goal of vaccinating nearly 15 million of its most vulnerable citizens. According to Bloomberg, as of Saturday, the UK had received 15.1 million doses of vaccine. Almost 22% of the population received the first dose, and less than 1% received two doses.British Prime Minister Boris Johnson set a target at the beginning of this year to vaccinate all people over 70, elderly people in nursing homes, caregivers, and those most vulnerable to the new coronavirus. It is estimated that these populations account for 88% of the new crown deaths in the UK.


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According to the previous goal set by the British government, before February 15th, the four most susceptible groups, including the elderly in nursing homes, nursing staff, and people over 70 years old, will be vaccinated. The target number is 15 million.

For the Johnson administration, achieving this goal is a welcome political booster. The Johnson administration came under fire for its handling of the epidemic, which claimed 117,000 lives in the country. However, reaching key vaccine targets also brings new risks to the government.

“I can tell you that we are on the right track and we are confident that we will achieve our goals by February 15,” British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab accepted the sky on Sunday.TVIn an interview, Sky TV stated that it reiterated Johnson’s remarks on Saturday. Both leaders said that the government will remain cautious in relaxing the lockdown measures, even if the number of new cases decreases, and vaccine advancement is on track.

The vaccination program is providing a way out for the third blockade in the UK. The blockade has shut down most businesses and schools, adding to the worst economic recession in more than 300 years. At present, the number of deaths from the new crown in the UK has ranked first in Europe and fifth in the world.

Senior members of Johnson’s Conservative government have been calling on him to speed up the relaxation of restrictions and avoid a wave of unemployment. However, since the level of infection is still the highest in Europe, Johnson and his scientific advisers explained that they need to be cautious, and restrictions may continue for several months.

In the next week, the British government will review the blockade restrictions. Johnson will then announce his “roadmap” on February 22 to gradually open up the country in the coming months.

If all goes well, the school will open first on March 8. When asked whether all schools will be allowed to start on the 8th, Raab said on Sky TV: “We are confident that we can start the school on the 8th.”

The British government plans to provide vaccines to all people over 50 years old by the end of April.

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