Uelzener launches new cat insurance

Uelzener Insurance has announced innovations in its product range for cats. In the future, every cat, regardless of breed and age, can be insured through surgery insurance and health insurance.

The tariffs can be individually designed by the owners and adjusted as needed. Depending on the deductible chosen and the annual reimbursement limit, the insurance covers up to 100% of the veterinary costs, regardless of the GOT rate. The revision of the tariffs is a result of changes to the fee schedule for veterinarians (GOT) last year, which resulted in sometimes massive additional costs for pet owners, according to the company.

Optional module for additional services

According to the insurer, basically every operation and illness can be insured. Another innovation is global international protection for trips or stays abroad lasting up to twelve months.

The new Health PLUS component, which can optionally be added to surgery or health insurance, covers, for example, preventive treatments, behavioral therapy, nutritional advice, physiotherapy and alternative treatment methods.

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2023-11-29 13:48:13
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